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An Evening with Lyn Miller-Lachmann*
I can think of nothing I'd rather do, if I can't be reading, than listen to authors discuss writing. This evening, I trekked down the Garden State Parkway a bit to Bloomfield College to listen to Lyn Miller-Lachmann read from her novel, Gringolandia and answer questions.

If you haven't read Gringolandia, I highly recommend it. It is powerful, complex, brutal, and beautiful. I frequently find my thoughts circling back to the story nearly two months after reading it. Looking back at my posting, I see that I was in annotation mode and didn't really do it much justice. Just yesterday, I read a lovely blog post about it written by a fifteen-year-old that knocked my socks off. Unfortunately, I didn't note which blog it was and just spent the last half hour clicking through my reader trying to find it.

This evening, Lyn tried to share a book trailer that was created for Gringolandia. There were some technical difficulties with the audio, but I found it easily online. Here's the link. Also on her website, Lyn also has a link called Teacher's Guides, which basically provides a unit built around Gringolandia as well as for two stories in another book called Once Upon a Cuento.


(*Edited on 3/2/2010 when I realized that I spelled Lyn's name wrong. Apologies.)