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Top Ten Tuesday

This week's theme is "Book Confessions." 

1. I was a struggling reader in first and second grades. We had three groups and I was in the lowest one, group three.

2. My large family didn't have a lot of money, but there were always books in the house and we visited the library regularly. We had the neatest children's room and the nicest children's librarians. There was air conditioning in the summer (our house had none) and a working fireplace.

3. My mom insisted that all of us do math and writing work sheets throughout each summer and nearly killed my love of reading (inadvertently, of course) by purchasing this speed reading program. One of my sisters found the box last week during our weekly cleanout of our childhood home. Interestingly, they had great memories of the thing. Mine were decidely mixed. My speed definitely increased, but at the expense of understanding, I think.

4. I read to my sons every night until they were well into elementary school. My youngest son's two favorite books were The Grouchy Ladybug and Harold and the Purple Crayon. I think I can still recite them. Harold, anyway.

5. Despite all this reading immersion, only one of the four is a reader. :-(

6. The one I read to the longest, hates to read the most and, wait for it, aced the verbal portion of his SAT. Whenever I bugged him about reading for pleasure once the scores came in, he would just smile and say, "800." He's very bright and an amazing listener.

7. There are books in every single room of my house, including the attic (old nursing school and college texts) and basement.

8. My husband thought he was very lucky when he learned that I wasn't interested in jewelry when we were first married. Then, he saw my book bills.

9. I sometimes would rather read than socialize.

10. The books I shipped from ALA Annual this past June, arrived home before I did. Indeed, the first box arrived practically the next day. My husband texted me the news then wrote, "I'm starting a fire this evening." Then he told me I would have a surprise shortly after returning home.

He bought more bookcases. They're rather unique and funky. I don't love them and they make the room a bit cluttered, but I no longer have books double stacked or piled on any available surface.
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