proseandkahn (proseandkahn) wrote,

November is Picture Book Month! Chirchir is Singing by Kelly Cunnane

unpgd. Random House Children's Books, August, 2011. 978-0-375-86198-7. (Borrowed from the public library.)

Poor Chirchir! All she wants to do is help, but everything just goes horribly wrong! Time and again, her elders reject her attempts to help, until she discovers her fretful baby brother. 

This lovely little story is illustrated in a bright palette of greens, reds, and blues. It's blank verse is lyrical. While set in Kenya, the message is universal - everyone wants to feel useful. An author's note explains the details of life among the Kalenjin tribe and a glossary explains some unfamiliar words from the tribe. 

Tags: 100+ book challenge, africa, family, picture book month, picture books, singing
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