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November is Picture Book Month! Sea of Dreams by Dennis Nolan

unpgd. Roaring Brook Press, October, 2011. 978-1-59643-470-7. (Borrowed from the public library.)

This wordless wonder explores what happens to the sandcastles that get left at the end of a day at the beach. After a young girl builds a lovely sandcastle and leaves the beach, the tide begins to come in. Suddenly, a light comes on in the tower and a group of people escape the flooding in a small boat. The waves are gigantic and a small boy falls overboard but is rescued by a group of young mermaids. Eventually, they reach a far shore and set up camp.

The illustrations are just gorgeous. I was reminded very strongly of David Wiesner's Flotsam. In fact, one fish seemed to come right from that predecessor, as do the fantastical possibilities of the beach and the ocean.

Lovely, lovely addition to any collection. I borrowed this from the public library, but will be purchasing a copy for my own person wordless story collection.
Tags: 100+ book challenge, beach, picture book month, picture books, poc, sandcastles, wordless story
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