proseandkahn (proseandkahn) wrote,

The Rescue (The Guardians of Ga'Hoole bk. 3) by Katherine Lasky (audio)

Unabridged sound recording on 4 compact discs, ~ 5 hours. Read by Pamela Garelick. Blackstone Audio, 2007 (Books 1 -3)

Ezylryb is missing and Soren is bereft. He's happy that Englantine has been rescued, but she's frail and still deeply frightened by her ordeal. He sets out to gather more information from a rogue smith, who turns out to have connections to Ga'Hoole. Then, sets out to find Ezylryb, hoping to avoid confrontation with the masked owl.

I continue to enjoy this series. It's perfect middle grade fantasy. The narration continues to be engaging and of high quality. Now, I have to hunt down the next one.        
Tags: 100+ book challenge, animal fantasy, audio, audiobook challenge, fantasy, mg
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