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November is Picture Book Month! Bailey by Harry Bliss

Unpgd. Scholastic Inc., August, 2011. 978-0-545-23344-6. (Borrowed from the public library)

The jacket flap says it all: Bailey is not your average dog. In fact, he's top dog at Champlain Elementary school. And with Bailey around, school has never been so unpredictable-or so much fun. Bailey love reading, and his best subject isn math (and lunch!). But dogs will be dogs, and maybe someday he will remember not to eat his homework.

So, so true. Bailey, a flop-earred spotted dog, not reminiscent of Snoopy, but sorta reminiscent of Thurber's dogs, awakens, thanks to the early bird, complete with bags under his eyes. Be sure and stop and check out the small details in this and nearly every illustration in this delightful book. His bedroom floor is littered with sticks, balls, a collar and a bone sits on a dresser. His reading consists of Puppy Weekly and Clifford and Snoopy. A cat calendar hangs on the wall. After he showers and chooses just the right color dog color to wear, he nearly misses the school bus when he's distracted by a cool looking stick. He makes the bus and can't wait to get to school, where a squirrel in a tree nearly makes him late.

Each page brings new sight gags and twists on what goes on in school nearly every day. This would be a great read aloud. There's plenty for both young and older readers to giggle over. A must purchase for every elementary school library.

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