proseandkahn (proseandkahn) wrote,

November is Picture Book Month! The Man in the Moon by William Joyce

Unpgd. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, September, 2011.

In what is the first steampunk picture book I have come across, baby Man in the Moon, or MiM, as he becomes known as, has it all. With his doting parents, in a most marvelous mobile home called The Moon Clipper, and with a devoted friend called Nightlight in tow, the family sails from one planet to the other. Because of Nightlight's devotion MiM never has nightmares. This just will not do for Pitch, the King of the NIghtmares, and so he sets out to capture the boy. Nightlight is tasked with protecting the boy and after he hides him deep within the recesses of the ship, he and MiM's parents sacrifice themselves.

This is the first of a series called The Guardians of Childhood. I'm not sure the story totally works for me, but the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

Tags: 100+ book challenge, picture book month, picture books
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