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The Mermaid's Mirror by L.K. Madigan (audio)

Unabridged audiobook on 7 compact discs. Read by Katie Schorr. Brilliance Audio, 2010. (Borrowed from the library.)

As Lena approaches her sixteenth birthday, all she wants to do is learn to surf. She just can't understand why her father, a former surfer himself, refuses to allow her to learn. She feels drawn to the ocean. She's also disturbed by the sleepwalking she finds herself doing night after night. When she has a bizarre fainting spell in the skyscraper when she visits her father at his new job, she overhears her parents and grandmother speaking about it being time to tell her something.

Then, she thinks that she sees a mermaid in the surf near her home and becomes obsessed with learning to surf the dangerous spot in order to find the mermaid. So, in very short order, she defies her father, arranges to borrow a board, takes a couple of lessons, finds she takes to surfing like she was born to do it, and, yeah, surfs Magics, a spot so treacherous, that only advanced, elite surfers go there. Of course she has the ride of her life and goes back out, where she wipes out so big that she thinks she's done for, only, she's rescued by something. Then finds a key in her had. A key to what?

I found it difficult to overlook Lena's irritating naiveté and her repetitive, angsty, ruminations. But, found myself mildly entertained when she explores her mermaid side. There's a lot to like  during this section - vivid descriptions of life under the sea and a nice romance. Teen readers will love this. I enjoyed it, but found the ending a bit much to swallow. I'm glad that I chose to read this one with my ears because I think the narrator's voice did a lot to coax me into not abandoning the book. Her voice sounds suitably young. It has a musical quality to it. She did a good job with the stilted way that Lena's mother spoke - made it sound natural.

Tags: 100+ book challenge, audio, audiobook challenge, fathers and daughters, mermaids, mothers and daughters, paranormal, surfing

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