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November is Picture Book Month! A Ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka

unpgd. Schwartz & Wade/ Random House Children's Books, May, 2011.

Daisy, an exuberant, tail-wagging dog of indeterminate size and breed, just loves her red ball. She happily plays with it and when she's done playing with it, she sleeps with it with a doggie smile on her face. Her owner even takes it along when the two go for a walk in the park. Only another dog sees the ball, likes the ball, and wants to play. Pop. No ball. 

Daisy looks once. She looks twice. She shakes the ball to wake it up. Then she howls mournfully. 

Daisy is drawn with a minimum of squiggly lines, but her posture and expressions speak volumes. The contrast of moods between the walk to the park and away from it, is striking. Readers will feel pity for the poor lonely dog trying to nap without his favorite toy. Then joy when, upon Daisy's next visit to the park, the owner of the offending dog makes restitution with a new blue ball. All is well.

With a somewhat muted palette save the red (and blue) ball(s), a few lines, and minimalist backgrounds, Raschka conveys doggie joyfulness and energy. A Ball for Daisy is an appealing addition to any library. It's going into my own collection of wordless stories.