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Musings: Reflections on Non-Fiction Monday
My first gig hosting Non-Fiction Monday is drawing to a close. I don't think I missed anyone. Please let me know if I have. It was much more time consuming than I thought it would be. That was partially due to the fact that I'm on vacation and working from a laptop and partly due to LiveJournal's infernal glitchiness. The worst of which was the fact that a fair number of people weren't able to comment successfully. Grr-rr! Although, I do have to say, I have experienced that myself when trying to comment on other blog platforms.

I also found it ironic and oh, so annoying that seven comments were made invisible by LJ because LJ considered them spam, but in the past week, I have received an equal number of spam comments, on old posts, that were so obviously spam, I didn't even read the comments! What gives LJ?

One other reason why I found it to be so time-consuming was due to the fact that I read the posts much more carefully than I otherwise might have. Sorry! I have to admit that, with nearly 200 blogs in my reader, I do tend to skim the posts, stopping only when something catches my eye. 

There were some pretty marvelous books talked about today.I did add a few blogs to my reader as a result of the day. I hope that you got a chance to look at the post.

Finally, if I misspelled anyone's name, misappropriated links, or otherwise messed up. Please let me know. Try the comments box, but don't be surprised if LJ makes it difficult for you. See you around the Interwebz.

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What an excellent job you did, and your careful review of the posts is obvious by your intro of each entry. I really enjoyed reading your Nonfiction Monday, you made it easy and a treat! Congratulations!

Thank you! And thanks for stopping back.

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