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Closer by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams (audio)

Tunnels book 4. Unabridged book on 12 compact discs, 14.25 hours. Read by Steven Crossley. Recorded Books, 2011.

The inside flap of this fourth installment asks, "Closer to victory or closer to death?" Let me just state up front that there is no series fatigue here. The action, suspense and surprises continue unrelentingly to an ending, that, while not the cliffhanger earlier installments left one with, definitely needs resolving. 

Perhaps I am getting a bit ahead of myself here. Okay. Backtrack. This is definitely a series that you can't just drop into. There are layers and layers of plot that have been slowly revealed over the first four books. 

Possible spoiler alert!

The Rebecca twins have survived and are out for revenge. They stumble upon an city sort of frozen in time, called New Germania, a place deep within the Earth, where Hitler was supposed to have fled to if World War II didn't go as planned. Not too far away, Will, his dad and Elliot have stumbled upon some ancient pyramids not unlike those from the time of the Incas. Chester and Martha have emerged Topsoil and Drake has gone on a bit of a bender since the Styx foiled his last operation. Mrs. Burrows should be dead. Drake meets Elliot's father and forms a wary alliance. 

This was a series that I listened to from the start and am growing quite fond of Steven Crossley's performances. I also liked VOYA's review of it. I missed it in the magazine, but Barnes and Noble has it featured - very clever.

This is definitely one to try on your reluctant readers. While the size of the book may cause some balking from them at first, beg them, beseech them to try it. If they don't want to read it, tell them about the audio. There's action, plenty of it, but it's more than just an adventure story. I would also call it science fiction. The world-building is totally, well almost, totally believable. The occasional social commentary is spot on. While I love this world, where extinct species of animals and civilizations have found refuge, it is a brutal place. The violence definitely ratchets up in each of the volumes. There is one scene where I kind of yelled, "Oh! How disgusting." There may have been gagging. But it fit. Oddly. The scenario leading up to it was positively terrifying. 

The nice thing about coming to this series on the late side is that I did not have to wait for the sequels. Now, I wait for Spirals.