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The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan (audio)

Unabridged audio book on 9 compact discs, 11 hours. Read by Allyson Ryan. Random House/ Listening Library, 2011.

Book three of the trilogy that began with The Forest of Hands and Teeth is narrated by Annah, Gabry's twin sister, who was left behind in the Dark City by Elias, when he joined the recruiters. Annah is a survivor. She's also wracked with guilt over leaving Gabry/ Abigail in the forest. She is horribly scarred, having survived an accident with a barbed wire fence. And, she's tired of waiting for Elias to return. Only, when she's ready to leave, and in a line to leave, she spots Abigail/ Gabry on line to enter the Dark City. She's with a boy, who's obviously infected. Annah can't leave now. Only now, that's she's attempting to turn back, she is calling attention to herself. That is something you don't want to do in the Dark City; for the recruiters, who had been sworn to protect, are now corrupt. And the unconsecrated, the Mudo, are about to swarm.

I think this is my favorite of the three. I liked, but did not love The Forest of Hands and Teeth, mostly because I found Mary totally unsympathetic. I loved the world, well love isn't the right word for a future that threatens to become infected by zombies. I just found Mary irredeemably selfish. I enjoyed Dead-Tossed Waves, its companion novel, much more, although I did become annoyed with Gabry. 

All three books are dark, dark, dark. There's terrible violence in each. While the zombies are terrifying, in Dark and Hollow Places, it is the Recruiters that chill the blood. They are corrupt and lawless and victimize the people they are sworn to protect. 

Catcher is back, along with Gabry and Elias. Gabry loved Catcher at the beginning of Dead-Tossed Waves, but ended up falling for Elias. We learn that Elias and Annah were together for a long time and that, before Elias joined the recruiters, he and Annah hooked up. Now Gabry is with Elias and Annah feels an undeniable attraction to Catcher, but he considers himself to be damaged goods. 

So. There's an interesting romantic twist amid the corruption of the Recruiters and the impending swarm of the Mudo/ unconsecrated/ zombies.

Good stuff. All-in-all a satisfying conclusion. I hope it's the conclusion. I don't think my heart could take much more. One niggling criticism about the performance - remnant(s). Two syllables - rem - nuh nt. Not rem - a- nant. Ooh boy, did that start getting to me - to the point where I thought that, maybe, the word was being overused.