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The Lightning Thief: the graphic novel by Rick Riordan
Adapted by Robert Venditti, art by Atilla Futaki, color by José Villarrubia. Disney/ Hyperion, October, 2010.

This came in my Junior Library Guild subscription and I figured that I'd better grab it before putting it out since I'm sure it will not spend much time on the shelf. It has been five years since I read The Lightning Thief. (I own a copy with the original cover, so the rest of my books in the series do not match.) I am still trying to wash the movie from my memory. I sighed when Chiron looked suspiciously like Pierce whatshisname from the movie. But that was the only similarity. The rest of the characters all have a unique look. Oops! Edited @ 10PM on 1/1/11 (aha, I got to write it a third time): My husband, who has never seen the movie asked me to watch it with him this evening, so I made the ultimate sacrifice and I did. Luke in the movie and Luke in the graphic novel look very similar as well.

The story is condensed to fit 128 pages and it does it far better than the movie as well. The artwork is gorgeous and filled with neat little details and surprises. For example, Percy is eavesdropping on a conversation between Grover and Mr. Brunner after Percy vaporizes Mrs. Dodds. After he accidentally makes a noise, causing the two to stop talking, Percy flees the hallway, but continues to listen. A light shining from Mr. Brunner's room casts a horse-like shadow on the wall. The Oracle is just too creepy for words. And all of the scenes having anything to do with water are amazing.

Fans of the series, graphic novel fans and reluctant readers will all love this one to death. I may need to pick up an extra copy or two. I hope that this one does not go the way most of the series has in my library - "borrowed" without being checked out and never returned.