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The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (Book 1 of The Kane Chronicles) (audio)

Summer vacation day 35/ book 34

Sound recording on 12 compact discs/ 14 hrs. and 42 mins. Brilliance Audio, 2010. Narrated by Kevin R. Free and Katherine Kellgren.

Fourteen-year-old Carter Kane is used to living out of a suitcase and globetrotting along with his Egyptologist father. That doesn't mean he likes it. Ever since his mother's death six years earlier, Carter has seen his twelve-year-old sister, Sadie only twice per year. She's a stranger to him. So when Carter and his dad arrive late to London for their Christmas visit with Sadie, Carter is a bit puzzled by his choice of venues, The British Museum. Dr. Carter has convinced the curator to allow him to visit the museum after-hours to examine the Rosetta Stone up close. Mildly interesting to Carter, big yawn for Sadie - that is, until the Rosetta Stone, a priceless artifact is blown to smithereens, Dr. Carter is entombed in a coffin and Set along with five other Egyptian gods are released.

Set is intent on ruling the world, but first he needs to get rid of a couple of pesky godlings. Yes, Carter and Sadie. The two have not one, but two bloodlines of the pharaohs. But Set is not the only one gunning for Sadie and Carter. Magicians from the House of Life also want them destroyed.

This series is off to a running start. Fans of Percy Jackson are sure to inhale this one and begin checking out books on Egyptian mythology. There's action and humor on nearly every page.

Oddly, reading the book with my ears did not work so well for me, at least initially. It's sort of funny, since the book is supposed to be a recording. There are a lot of asides and snorts and kicks and pinching that are noticeably absent on the recording. It took me out of the story a fair amount at first. And there's no way Katherine Kellgren sounded twelve-year-old. Sorry. Didn't buy it at all. I believe I will stick to reading with my eyes for the next installments of The Kane Chronicles. Here are links to Rick Riordan's website and the Kane Chronicles website.

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