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The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong (audio)

  Summer vacation day 21/ book 21

Darkest Powers series, book #1. Unabridged book on playaway. Recorded Books, 2009. Narrated by Cassandra Morris. (Disclosure: borrowed from the library.)

First, I must admit that I already knew what was happening in this book because I inadvertently listened to The Awakening, not knowing that it is book #2 in the series. So all the surprises were not surprises upon listening to The Summoning. Really, shouldn't a body be awakened before being summoned? That's my lame excuse for failing to notice the "Book 1" or "Book 2" on the covers of the audio books.

Fifteen-year-old Chloe finds herself in a group home called Lyle House after she has a psychotic break shortly after getting her first period at high school. She sees dead people but her doctors are telling her that she's schizophrenic. She's willing to believe this except the visions are just so real. As she gets to know her housemates, she learns that she may not be psychotic after all. She begins to doubt everything and no longer knows whom to trust.

How did she get these powers? More importantly, how can she control them? The narration by Cassandra Morris is fine. She sounds appropriately young and conveys Chloe's self-centered whining quite well. This variation of The X-Men-type of story is at times intriguing and at times a bit trite and repetitive. Still, paranormal books are all the rage and this series is interesting enough for fun fluff.

Tags: audio, book a day challenge, ghosts, paranormal

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