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One More Thought...Or Maybe Two...

Today is the release date of Tara Kelly's debut novel, Harmonic Feedback. I picked up an arc at ALA Midwinter and began reading it in Boston. Kate Messner blogged about it, so I made sure to seek it out. I just loved it. I posted my thoughts about it January 20th, four months ahead of its publication date. I have mixed feelings about doing that. While it drives me nuts when I read a blog entry about a book I am dying to read way in advance of publication, I have to write about what I read immediately and I'm not organized enough to save the post for later publication. I just reread my post and realized that I want to reread this book. Books with autistic main characters seem to be all the rage lately. But that's ok, because they're all quite good and we all know someone who might be on the autism spectrum.  

Speaking of writing a review on an arc six months before publication reminds me - ITS ONE  WEEK UNTIL JORDAN SONNENBLICK VISITS MY SCHOOL!!! Yes, I did mean to shout. I find myself getting all fan-girly. I'm sorry. I love hosting an author. I've been the lucky recipient of visits by authors on book tour. But, I have to say that the most successful author visit is the one where funding is scrounged to host an author for a day and all or most of the students have read at least one of the author's books.

The eighth grade language arts teachers chose Jordan's debut, Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie as an all eighth grade read. A good portion of them had read the book in sixth grade as it turns out. They did not mind revisiting it at all. I have read the book about four times and laugh and cry at the same places. A fair number have pre-ordered the companion/ sequel, After Ever After, which was released this past February.  A couple of students couldn't wait and have already read the sequel. So, I think we are in for an amazing day. Well-prepared student + Amazing author = Success.

I had the amazing good fortune to read an arc of After Ever After back in September and faced the same dilemma - post about it way in advance while it was fresh or wait. I posted. I haven't yet reread After Ever After. I will though. Tune in next Tuesday, June 1(!) for pix of the day.
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